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Sleeping well is as important as eating well to ensure physical and mental well-being. Poor sleep can lead to cardiometabolic conditions and decreased immunity.

Discover with a urine sample how to improve your quantity and quality of sleep by understanding your stress hormones and brain chemical messenger, melatonin.

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Sleep Better Sample Report
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Consider these tests to understand how other hormones can also impact how well you sleep

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Melatonin, cortisol and neurotransmitters impact your sleep

Learn to modify your lifestyle, diet, and nutrient levels to achieve better sleep.

  • Cortisol and Cortisone
  • Melatonin

Review Session

  • 30 minutes with a health expert

Once your results are in and uploaded to your Patient Health Record, MyWellnessFile, you will be booked for a video conference review.

Your health coach will recommend a diet and supplement strategy to improve the balance of your hormones and brain chemicals in order to achieve better sleep cycles.

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  • 4 Urine Collection Cards
  • Urine Sample Bag
  • Instructions Sheet
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Watch this How To Video

Step-by-step video on how to collect your urine sample.

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Refund and Recollection Policy:
There are NO refunds on testing kits. If your sample is rejected because the collection was completed incorrectly, a replacement kit fee will apply.

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