Genetics Based Skincare Insights


Decode Your Genetics to Recode Your Skincare: Discover 7 Skin Risk Factors That Can Lead to Premature Aging. 

With a simple cheek swab, we will create a profile that reveals how your genes can impact your skin health and the personalized skincare protocol you need to look younger and more vibrant 

Sample Report

Genetics Based Skincare Insights Sample Report
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Create actionable next steps with your genetic insights to improve your skin’s radiance, and prevent premature aging

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Decode your DNA to recode your skin

Learn how to modify your skincare regimen toward healthier skin

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles 
  • Sun Protection 
  • Skin Sensitivity & Inflammation
  • Skin Elasticity  
  • Pigmentation 
  • Collagen Quality 
  • Skin Antioxidants 

Review Session

  • 30 minutes with a skin consultant

Once your results are in and uploaded to your Patient Health Record, MyWellnessFile, you will be booked for a video conference review. 

Your skin consultant will recommend topical ingredients, supplements, and professional treatments to reverse premature skin aging based on your skincare genetics report. 

What’s in Your Kit

  • Cheek Swabs 
  • Cheek Swab Sample Envelope 
  • Instructions Sheet 
  • Pre-Paid Return Shipping  

Watch this How To Video

Step-by-step video on how to collect your cheek swab sample.

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Refund and Recollection Policy:
There are NO refunds on testing kits. If your sample is rejected because the collection was completed incorrectly, a replacement kit fee will apply.

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