Welcome to Health-in-Box Kit Registration

All information collected here is retained by Executive Health Centre and the medical team lead by Elaine Chin, MD, licensed to practice in the province of Ontario Canada.

All medical information provided to us will strictly adhere to medical privacy rules outlined by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.

We are collecting information to:

  • Provide demographic and contact information to the lab who is performing the test
  • Obtain your consent to perform the test

  1. Comprehensive information about your test is available on www.healthinabox.com under ‘description’. Additional scientific references pertaining to the Covid-19 antibodies test can be found at www.covidimmunitypassport.com
  2. I agree to submit my sample to be processed by a lab identified by Health-in-a-Box who specializes in minimally invasive testing methodologies. The lab(s) is a CLIA licensed and CAP Accredited Laboratory.
  3. Sample testing does not require Health Canada approval because the test is completed using a standardized laboratory technique in a licensed laboratory in the United States and ordered by a licensed Canadian physician.
  4. All clinical data collected by Executive Health Centre, may be used in an anonymized way, protecting my identity for the purpose of epidemiological research.
  5. Health-in-a-Box may communicate with you using email to your listed email to seek further clarification of your registration details, provide you with ongoing updates on the status of your test sample and future additional information.
  6. Your results will only be posted online in a secure portal and you will be advised how to access your test report once it becomes available.