Health-in-a-Box comes to you from global experts in personalized preventative medicine who founded Executive Health Centre and Innovation Health Group.

We deliver a virtual health offering used by health consumers and professionals alike to take advantage of point of care diagnostics that are proactive and actionable.

Health in a Box makes personalized medicine truly accessible to everyone.

Personalized Medicine

State-of-the-art technology enables our model of delivery to happen. It’s a place where health consumers meet health professionals to collaboratively develop a holistic action plan to improve your health, based on insightful information just about you.

Technology today not only allows us to track our steps but to take care of our total physical and mental health from the comfort of our own homes. This is personalized medicine, enabled by a unique wellness platform – My Wellness File.

We know that changing health behaviours is difficult, but it’s easier if we know our numbers, understand the impact on our health risks, and take steps to reverse it with the help of a holistic team of health professionals.

It democratizes healthcare by giving health consumers the ability to better understand their health metrics by leveraging the state-of-the-art diagnostic tests that used to be available for thousands of dollars, but now, hundreds of dollars thanks to improved technology.

Engage in your health today with one of our programs so that you will have metrics, tracking, action plan and support from our trained health professionals. Certainly, you can purchase tests and share that information with your personal health practitioners to determine next steps.

With a program or testing package purchase, you’ll receive a My Wellness File account which will allow you to track your numbers, store your health records and share these with whomever you choose.